Let’s Talk

Do you ever feel isolated?

When life gets you down it often feels like there is nobody there to help you through hard times. You might think you are alone in an aggressive battle with personal issues and everyone has their battles. But when you speak out, you will often find recognition from other battlers and then, through solidarity, a solution is found.  So, let’s talk.

Dealing with isolation and talking about issues is just one of the benefits of the group.  Yes we also work together as an active group to share knowledge and to lobby for change.  Yes you will see photographs of us protesting for greater accessibility and a realisation of rights for people with disabilities who should be supported in independent living.  It is true that we are a lot more than a talking shop.


However, one of the best features of the peer group is friendship.  Being able to talk, and listen, and be heard.  Sharing a laugh and making a new friend who truly understands you.

Come to our meetings to meet with our friendly community and seek solutions, share knowledge or simply enjoy the banter. Laughter cures many problems, and knowledge sharing and acting as a collective will solve many more.


Picture with caption "Let's have a cup of tea and we'll talk about it" said my very wise mammy
A chat over a cuppa may not solve every problem, but it’s a very good starting point.

We meet monthly on the last Thursday of each month in Blanchardstown Library. So why not come and visit – it’s totally free and full of knowledge sharing. Visit our location page HERE.

Location: Blanchardstown-libary

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One thought on “Let’s Talk

  • 15th March 2016 at 11:46 am

      Talking with people who understand what your going through.
      Feel safe in your surroundings.
      Get meeting new people.
      Have the opportunity to express yourself.
      Get connected in your local area.
      Keep up to date with local activities.
      Seek help from reliable people.
      Just drop in and have the banter and share a cup of tea while sharing knowledge.


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