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All of the slide presentations delivered during 2017’s Online Savvy classes can be found here on this page. Please feel free to download Online Savvy slides.

Comment below if you have a query about being Online Savvy and we’ll do our best to help.

Week 1 –¬†Online Basics

The focus of week one was to ensure everyone knew how to get online and stay safe online. We looked at personal brand, how to not fall for hoaxes, knowing which information should be kept private, cloud storage options and virus/malware protection. We also looked at Google tools accessible through your Gmail or Google account.

Click this image to be taken to slide viewer for Online Savvy Week 1 slides - Online Basics
Click here for Week 1 Slides
Week 2 – Big Social

In week 2 we had two sets of presentation slides. Following an overview of social media and networking, we got up close and personal with Facebook, setting up Facebook accounts and understanding privacy. We also played with Canva for easy image manipulation. In section two, we looked at Twitter and how to join in hashtag chats such as #AbleHour

Click this image to be taken to slide viewer for Online Savvy Week 2 slides - part 1: Facebook and canvas
Click here for week 2 slides: Facebook & Canva
Click this image to be taken to slide viewer for Online Savvy Week 2 slides - part 2: Twitter and #AbleHour
Click here for slides on Twitter
Week 3 – Blogging

Many people feel the need to express their thoughts, feelings or knowledge online. In this lesson we took an overview of various blogging types and methods, including podcasting and vlogging. We then took a step-by-step exploration of Blogger by Google and everyone set up their own blog.

Click on this image to go to slide viewer for week 3 class on Blogging
Click here for week 3 slides on Blogging
Week 4 – LinkedIn and Skype

Following a recap on personal branding and online reputation, we took a close look at LinkedIn, noting the similarities with other mediums we’ve looked at such as Blogger. We noted that LinkedIn is a professional network and the etiquette that surrounds the tone and content of all LinkedIn postings. We then took at look at Skype and video chat.

Click here to go to slide viewer for Online Savvy class week 4 - LinkedIn and Skype
Click here for week 4 slides – LinkedIn and Skype
Week 5 – Mobile

In the final week we looked at getting the most from your mobile phone, tips and tools and apps. We also looked at Instagram and WhatsApp.

Click here to go to PDF viewer for week 5 slides on getting the most out of your mobile phone and mobile apps
Click here for week 5 slides – Mobile and Mobile Apps

More on our successful series of Online Savvy Classes can be found on our Online Savvy Week 1 report by following this link here.



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