Online Savvy Week 1 – The Basics

In today’s Online Savvy class we looked at the basics of Internet Safety, Passwords and Online Reputation. We then examined the different Cloud storage options and web mail.

We had lively discussion with lots of shared experiences and questions and then we all got to discover the free tools on offer with Google. Everyone is now on the path to becoming truly savvy when it comes to personal computing and being online.

Below are the class notes / slides from week 1.

PDF Version below:

OnlineSavvy Wk1

The classes continued to run for 5 weeks and were extremely enjoyable and informative. Class participants ranged from complete beginners to computer whizzes and all reported that they had learnt some valuable information. Dublin 15 Disability Peer Support Group can now proudly proclaim that we are Online Savvy!

Class Details

Classes were taught by Barbara Franzoni and held in Blanchardstown Library. The classes ran for five weeks during August 2017. These classes were free to anyone with a disability, whether a member of Dublin 15 Disability Peer Support Group or not.

Benefits of being Online Savvy

The aim of this series of classes was to help people to connect with the online world in the easiest way possible. Participants discovered how to easily connect with old friends and new even when travelling is difficult. Some participants were able to reignite their social lives by reconnecting with friends from the past. Other participants were already social media savvy but were able to pick up new tips in an enjoyable setting.

Technologies such as social media networking and online shopping can be a lifeline for people who suffer from isolation. People with mobility impairments in particular, benefit from being able to socialise, shop and do business from their own home.

A full list of the classes we ran, plus downloadable slides for each one, can be found here: Online Savvy Slides

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